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Gőzerővel festünk!

14:50, 05/07/2017

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Volunteering program for older people’s wellbeing

16:15, 21/02/2017

We believe that older people would highly appreciate the loving care and positive attitude that our great volunteers already showed at the numerous children's hospital visits in the last couple years.

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A year full of smiles

10:00, 02/01/2017

With the help of our volunteers in 2016 we brought thousands hours of laughter to hospitals. We happily decorated 7 insitutions with fun paintings with the participants of our ’Paint with Purpose’ project.

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Grand Gala 2016 - The Sound of Music

20:54, 05/01/2016

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Wall painting with DIS students

10:18, 21/04/2015

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Performance in Budapest

18:11, 16/03/2015

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Varsói látogatás

18:19, 16/02/2015

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Gala Dinner - November 15, 2014

09:23, 30/10/2014

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