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Be our volunteer!

Be our volunteer!

If you want to be a Smiling Hospital volunteer, than please fill in our registration form below.

This is a quick solution, however you may also choose to download the application form HERE, fill in and return by e-mail to:  

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Information for volunteers

The tasks and responsibilties will be introduced for newcomers  by the local coordinator and by some experienced volunteers step-by-step, helping them to find their own ways and meens to the children’s world. The most important steps for the preparation are:

General information about most important rules in Hospitals, about goals, tasks and importance of volunteering work;

Three times visiting children in the company of experienced volunteers, to see and learn how they deal with them;

The first independent and individual session with children in presence of the local coordinator. The session will be analysed and evaluated by the coordinator. In case of good result the new volunteer may start regular visits together with a partner.

Volunteers meet regularly, in each month in order to exchange their experiences, enriching in this way their methods and entertaining capacities.

            Meetings for volunteers are organized every three months when a guest expert, like a medical doctor, psychologist, communication specialist, artist, professional entertainers, etc will give a presentation.



Application form

Personal data will not be passed on to third parties.

We only accept applications above 18 years

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Occupations in any case take place in the afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00. (You can select multiple items!)

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