'Public Benefit' (közhasznú) Foundation

Preparatory training

14:40, 01/06/2014

The Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Program Twinning and Partnership Block Grant: “Introduction of family-friendly care in hospitals for the volunteers working with children, aims to better prepare the foundation’s volunteers working in hospitals. The program provides them with more knowledge so that they reduce the burden on the hospital staff and improve the children’s state of mind. Within the framework of the project a one-day preparatory training for the volunteers took place on 24th of May, 2014. Participants from all over the country arrived in large numbers in Budapest. Ágnes Hódi, psychotherapist and Veronika Helyes, psychologist, conducted the training. The main objective of the program is the development of the emotional skills required for voluntary work. However, the multi-faceted analysis of the division, the situations and conflicts through the so-called „learning from experience” method was also an important part of the program.

Due to their large number of participants, they were divided into small groups to execute the various tasks. By using dramatic devices and psychodrama techniques, we examined questions regarding voluntary work that were drawn-up by the groups. After the lunch break the training continued with a viewing of the Robertson’s film “A two-year-old goes to the hospital”. The rest of the afternoon,still filled with the feelings provoked by the film, we spent developing simulated hospital situations with our small teams, employing sociodramatic techniques.

In addition, during the course of the day serious and difficult topics, within the framework of the program, were also discussed and presented. Regardless, all of these were considered to be very important, useful and mostly thought-provoking. Thanks to the simulated exercises, the participants throughout the training, were engaged in scenarios were they explored each other’s feelings and ideas. Thus, as aptly put by one of the volunteers, the motto for the meeting was best expressed by the phrase: “Get inside the soul!”

Veronika Helyes

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