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Study tour to Switzerland

12:51, 11/07/2014

sváci utazás2The most significant step of Smiling Hospital Foundation’s winning tender – the so called and so far well known “Swiss Project” – was made come true between the 16th and 19th of June. Owing to the support of the Swiss Contribution Fund, Smiling Hospital Foundation was provided with the chance of organizing a three-day-long professional study trip for ten persons to Switzerland. The team representing Hungary’s governmental and non-profit healthcare sectors consisted of Head Nurses, Psychologists, Pediatricians and Colleagues from Smiling Hospital Foundation, as well as the President of Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Our hosts – also Psychologist, Head Nurses and other Foundations’ Leaders – were previously known from the Budapest Conference, which had been organized in April, and they perfectly fulfilled the “Swiss stereotype” of our minds – meaning this the nicest sense. The program of the trip made by them was fascinatingly elaborated, accurately covering the smallest logistical, technical and financial details. A warm welcome was awaiting for us at the airport of Zurich by Hanne Sieber, a Board Member of our Institutional Partner, Kind und Spital. While she was accompanying us to the accommodation, she shared the program of the following days with us and provided us with all the necessary documentation too.

sváci utazás3The Delegation of Smiling Hospital Foundation had the unique opportunity of visiting four Swiss cities ‘making single centre tours’ from Zurich. The first professional program took place in Basel, where the beautiful, brand new, amazingly well equipped Children’s Hospital of Basel was attended. The program started with an extremely interesting presentation on child friendly and family centered healthcare system, performed by the hospital team, after which the work of a local foundation was introduced by a representative. Our team was also invited for lunch by the hospital, which provided a really good insight into a very high quality canteen, as a factor also marginally relating to the healthcare services. The presence of a Swiss pediatrician with Hungarian roots finally created a kind English-German-French-Hungarian language diversity and made our first day a really special, memorable one.

The structure of the daily programs – hospital visit; presentations; local lunch and a small guided tour in the hospital – was similar to the one of our trip to Basel. On the second day, our delegation was divided, as three persons travelled to Aarau and seven delegates visited Lausanne to gather experiences on the services and the build-up of the local children’s hospitals and foundations. The three fortunate ones travelling to Lausanne had the unique chance to closely observe the ‘live work’ of a Certificated Child Life Specialist.

sváci utazás1The last station of our three day long trip was visiting the children’s hospital of our host city, Zurich, where the program was amazingly well-organized again, led by our kind and prepared guide, Hanne Sieber. After the hospital tour finished in early afternoon, the delegation travelled to the airport and - filled with priceless experiences - arrived to Budapest by the evening.

We, at Smiling Hospital Foundation, are inexpressibly grateful to our Swiss Partners for the unique knowledge and special practice we managed to gain in the field of child friendly and family centered healthcare system! Smiling Hospital Foundation’s primer aim is to support the earliest possible implementation of the truly child friendly and family centered approach in the healthcare system, in which our experiences gathered during this study tour represent the greatest treasure.

 Eszter Roth

project coordinator

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