'Public Benefit' (közhasznú) Foundation

"Smiling Horse" and other fundraising projects

SMILE is our common language. We convay this smile to the visited sick children and to our supporters as well. We believe that entertaining programs can bring positive change. If you agree, join us today!

 Our Foundation is gratefully accepting any help to finance our activities.

Besides the well known forms of donation you can also support us by participating at our special fundraising events and Gala Dinners or our rather unusual fundraising projects.

A good example for the above is our new projekt: "Smiling Horse".
What is actually "Smiling Horse"?

A giant board game imitating horse races.The first player reaching the FINISH place is the winner.
The players race sitting on hobby horses  (the wonderful hobby horses were hand carved by Boldizsár Kő) of different names and colours. During the race they meet obstacles (e.g. Step backwards, Miss a turn, etc.) or – if lucky – step on places that help them complete the track faster (e.g. Step forward). There are some „ Special” places encouraging the players to complete certain tasks (Sit backwards on your horse, Stand on one leg, etc.). Apart from the giant board game we also offer facepainting and you can purchase raffle tickets,lucky dip or simply just sit by the crafts table and make great memories from the day.

Please have a look at some photos from our first "Smiling Horse" fundraising afternoon:









if you wish to simply donate, please check our GoGetFunding crowdfunding campaign details here:

We believe that entertaining programs can bring positive change. If you agree, join us today!

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