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The Smiling Hospital Foundation has been awarded a "Twinning and Partnership Block Grant" from the Swiss Hungarian Fund for children themed murals to be painted in Budapest's Szent László Hospital children's bone marrow transplantation unit, children's examination and treatment rooms and the Demeter House on the hospital campus which provides a home environment for seriously ill hospitalized children and their family members from all over Hungary.  In exchange, the Smiling Hospital Foundation will send a team of its performers to Switzerland to visit the children's wards of hospitals in Switzerland.  Hungarian medical researchers have proven that entertaining sick children has a beneficial effect on their health and speeds their recovery.

Local artists have been recruited to paint these children's murals.  Assistence and supervision  during the work was given by expert mural painters from the Swiss Anouk Foundation. 

The project was carried out under the supervision of the  Hungarian Development Agency and Dr Kriván Gergely, department head consultant; Sedlák Gabriella, social program coordinator, and Kecskeméti Éva, psycologist, for Szent László Hospital; Strack Helga lead advisor for MAPI Magyar Fejlesztési Iroda Zrt. and  Dr.Albert Royaards, president for the Smiling Hospital Foundation, Christopher Daniels, projectcoordinator and Károlyi Judit, projectmanager.


above press conference and

 photos about the murals:


The legal basis of the Swiss Contribution is the Framework Agreement and its annexes (Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of Hungary Concerning the Implementation of the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme to Reduce Economical and Social Disparities within the Enlarged European Union) concluded between the two countries in December 2007. According to this Switzerland agrees to grant a non-reimbursable Contribution towards the reduction of economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU of up to CHF 130,738 million (one hundred thirty million and seven hundred thirty eight thousand Swiss Francs) to Hungary for a Commitment period of five years  and a disbursement period of ten years, starting from the approval date of the Contribution by the Swiss Parliament, which is 14 June 2007.

The Twinning and Partnership Block Grant (TPBG), co-financed from the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme, is also implemented as a specific form of grant assistance  in accordance with the Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the Republic of Hungary (hereinafter referred to as “Framework Agreement”) as well as its annexes.

The overall objective of the TPBG is to encourage development of mutual cooperation of existing or new partnerships between Hungarian and Swiss bodies, and hereby contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities between Hungary and the enlarged European Union.

Grants will be awarded to Small Projects aiming at reinforcing cooperation, exchange of information, transfer of know-how and best practice between Hungary and Switzerland.


VISEGRAD 2014-15 project

Transforming healthcare environment through participatory arts in V4 countries

The Smiling Hospital project was designed as a collaboration with V4 organizations and individuals who share common aims to provide positive, preventative care for ill children. The project intends to establish Smiling Hospital acitivities in the the V4 region through the development of long term cross-cultural education network for artists working in hospital settings.  The major goal of this project is to increase affirmative hospital experiences for children and enhance quality creative and therapeutic communication among hospital staff, hospitalized children up to age 18, and their families.

Our project partners:

Fundacja Medicover, PL; Nadacni fond Klicek, CZ; Peter Šesták, SK

This project is financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund  www.visegradfund.org

Below please find the archive of the project.  Additional documentation including photos, video interviews, newspaper and magazine articles are available upon request.

Workshop in Budapest                                         Performance in Budapest

Workshop in Warsaw                                            Performance in Poland

Workshop in Prague   

Workshop in Bratislava                                         Performmance in Bratislava

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