'Public Benefit' (közhasznú) Foundation

Wall painting projects

A second aim of the Smiling Hospital is to help improve the general environment of children hospitals, other medical institutions, homes for the old age, kindergartens, schools, etc. through decorative paintings in rooms and corridors. Also we work on the  reconditioning of the gardens of these medical institutions and schools.

Wall decoration

The new activity of collourful painting of walls in Children’s Hospitals started in 2011 with the aim of lifting up the spirit of hospitalized children and at the same time to cheer up their parents and hospital staff.  These projects are carried out in cooperation with volunteer teams  from companies under the CSR-policies of the respective companies.  

We already completed 65 painting projects in children hospitals and other institutions. The largest project was carried out together with the Swiss Anouk Foundation at the Szent László Hospital in the year 2013 as part of a grant received from the Swiss Government.  

Our goal is now to reach out beyond hospitals, to bring these painting projects to Homes for the Aged, to Institutions for Disabled People, to Schools and other Institutions of Health and Education. These programs could be also considered as „team-building  events” for the ones, who are doing this charity work.

We are welcoming applications from social, healthcare and educational institutions wishing decorative wall painting in their own premises (corridors and rooms). Phone: +36 20 661 4926; e-mail:  

In case companies are interested in painting wall decorations, please contact us! The companies are providing the financial and human resources, while our foundation is ensuring coordination with selected hospitals/other institutions and the artistic design. There is no need for special abilities or practice – only enthusiasm!! And we always see lots of smiles during and after these painting projects!

Following is a guideline for corporate sponsorship of the painting projects:

1. Golden Brush  -  HUF 500.000 

  A full day with up to 40 people

  (a team of more than 40 people is a subject to further discussion)

2. Silver Brush     - HUF 300.000 

 A half day with a team of 21 - 31 people

(a team of more than 30 people is a subject to further discussion)


A full day with less than 20 people

3. Bronze Brush  - HUF 200.000

A half day with less than 20 people

For more details or for your application, please contact us!

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