'Public Benefit' (közhasznú) Foundation


The Smiling Hospital Foundation's mission is to uplift spirits of sick children in hospitals as a contributing factor to speed up the recovery process. This goal is being achieved by entertainment programs with the help of all types of artists and a large number of volunteers.

Secondly, to help making the environment of children in hospitals more pleasant by painting the rooms and corridors with colourful drawings.

The motto of the Smiling Hospital is: “Happiness Helps Healing”.

The video below makes it all clear in few minutes.

While Hungary is our base, we have initiated „smiling hospital activities” in ten other countries and have plans for many more countries in due course. In some countries the activities have even resulted in new foundations with the name of „Smiling Hospital”; especially proud we are of the Smiling Hospital Japan Foundation.

We also made a beginning with „smiling activities” in Institutions for Disabled People as well as in Homes for the Aged and plan to expand these activities in coming years.

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