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At this site we are publishing medical reports or referring to scientific investigations aiming the justification of the beneficial effect of the activity carried out by our volunteers.


Happiness indeed helps healing, a hopeful new medical study suggests.

Healing lymphocytes may increase during Smiling Hospital artists’ visits

In a ground-breaking study undertaken by the Smiling Hospital Research Team, lymphocyte cells were evaluated in hospitalized children - and the results are hopeful. The "SHoRT" (Smiling Hospital Research Team) study, headed up by Dr. András Béres author and Dr. Tamás Major, PhD, co-author was published in September 2010, on the medical website 

SHORT’ Study: Does “Happiness Helps Healing”?
 Sick Childrens’ Lymphocyte Count May Increase Due to Visits by Smiling Hospital Foundation Artists -  Dr. András Béres, Dr. Tamás Major PhD.

What is the novelty value of this investigation?
Previous studies have shown the immune stimulating effect of happiness and laughter (Berk, Bennett, Takahashi).  But these measurements were made with healthy, adult-aged volunteers, in non-clinical conditions, with impersonal tools (humorous videotapes); therefore, their clinical relevance is unknown.
Our measurement was made with sick children who were personally visited and given live performances by SHF artists, in a hospital.
Our measurement investigated whether SHF artists also have an effect on sick childrens’ immune systems, and if change in any of the parameters presented in the studies quoted above can be measured with the routine tools used regularly in a regional county hospital.

Abstract: The aim of this short (“SHoRT” Smiling Hospital Research Team) study is to evaluate the possible effects that Smiling Hospital Foundation artists have on hospitalized children.

We took blood samples in a non-painful way through branules from sick children on an Infectology Ward, 30 minutes prior to, and 1 hour after a visit by Smiling Hospital Foundation (SHF) artists.  Twenty-four children were visited by artists, and 9 were not.  In the visited group, the increase in the number of lymphocyte cells was + 8.43% higher and the decrease was by 12.45% more moderate.
Our measurement suggests that immune stimulating effects also have to be taken in account during visits by SHF artists.

In the second part of our study, we tried to answer the question of whether such an immune- stimulating effect can always be taken as beneficial in a clinical setting.


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